Q: What Topic(s) Would You Like To See Included? Let Me Know!

Suggestion Box

I promise, this will not be an ineffective as the suggestion boxes in school! I care about your struggles and successes, as I’ve been there too.

Judging by the often brilliant, nuanced comments I’ve been privileged enough to receive and engage, I am curious what you (yes, you!) want to read about or feel is missing. A real (not stereotypical) analysis of an illnesses, stereotyping, remedies…just about anything! I know this is just one blog among a seemingly endless number, but our truths, from the mouths of survivors, is so critically essential, it seems logical to include whenever possible. A more collective conversation is essential for media to be truly  comprehensive and worthwhile, and that is my hope for this small part of a greater cause.

Additionally, I am extremely interested in including interviews—our stories, told directly by us—on this site. If that’s something you’d want to consider, let me know!

You can leave your comments here (it’s okay if they’re a bit long), but if what you want to write is something you feel you’d rather address privately, please feel free to contact me at alex.straaik [at] gmail.com. Anyone who writes (if anyone does!) will obviously remain completely anonymous unless otherwise requested. You choose. Of course.

Take care, and be as well as you can.

“Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.”—Oscar Wilde

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