Need something expertly edited, proofread, designed, or written? Have a comment or question that you’d rather not leave in a public forum, and prefer to get in touch with me directly? Please contact me at

  • I have an M.A. in Writing and Publishing, and have worked in the publishing industry for nearly a decade. Respectively, I am fluent in the Chicago, AP, and AMA styles; have edited full-length books, long magazine articles, shorter blog entries, and completed layout designs for organizations ranging from independent publishing houses and to both print and digital magazines.
  • In addition to peer tutoring, I taught Creative Writing/Journalism at a medium-security prison for 3-years, and am comfortable in various environments and with all genres of work.
  •  To take a look at what my colleagues and employers have to say about my work, just click on Testimonials (or just send me an email!).
  • See also: Resume, Alexandria M Straaik


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