“Alex is detail-oriented and she is one of the brightest and most talented people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She has a virtually amazing supportive ability and is an accomplished writer and a creative resource for my company.”
—Lindsay Reday; Founder, Depression Forums

“When we needed content, Alex delivered. She is an expert who brings in great results.”
—Kevin Lee; CEO, DidIt.com, Internet Marketing Group, & Therapy Today

“Of all who have read and written of the book, your words were most eloquent and generous and I cannot thank you enough for that.  Your last email was very profound and imbued with rare honesty and courage. I marvel at your composure and good sense after going through all that you have.  I can only express my deep admiration and respect for having the determination and courage to overcome very challenging odds and look forward to the future.”
—(with permission) from Dr. Seema Kazi; Researcher, Writer, & Fellow at the Centre for Studies in Law and Governance, Jawaharlal Nehru University

“Alex is a passionate person who writes prolifically and pours her energy, wit, and empathy into every word. As a colleague and occasional supervisor, she made made my work life great by being an excellent and proactive communicator. She solved problems as soon as she saw them, and sometimes even bridged gaps between other employees.”
—Grace Eyre; Emerson College alumnus; Content Manager at Hartas & Craig Creative Recruitment in Sydney Australia

“Alex Straaik was a volunteer at City Mission Society working on a project at Framingham Women’s prison, editing a publication of writings by women who were incarcerated there. She worked hard to maintain the project under what you can imagine are very difficult circumstances. Her dedication to the women she worked with was evidenced by the trust they placed in her. The project was an important opportunity for the women to improve their writing skills and generally find a sympathetic ear, as well as building community among them in an extremely isolating place. At CMS we work with many volunteers on a wide variety of projects. This activity was certainly one of the most difficult, and Alex was reliable, capable, and well received by the participants.”
—Paul Baxter; Associate Director, City Mission Society of Boston

“I interned under Alex at South End Press. She was a great manager and a lovely person to work with who made my time as an intern much more effective and valuable. She is an excellent writer and editor with a talent for developing fresh, dynamic content. She is also incredibly tech savvy. I thoroughly endorse Alex for her work!”
—Sarah Hogan, Office Manager, Purpose Campaigns; activist in the Initiative against Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery at Columbia University

“After working with her for multiple years, I can (and happily will) fully and unequivocally endorse Alex Straaik. Her professionalism, her work ethic, and her adaptability are admirable.”
—Earnest Mazique; Technologist, Strategist, & Information Architect, Emotion Technology

“Alex is a gifted writer, and an activist, technologist, and teacher. During our time working at Emerson College together, I was consistently impressed not just by her commitment to her work in the Technology Support group, but to her sharp and curious mind, and the passion and energy with which she pursued her own creative interests.”
—Allison Ruda; Senior Instructional Designer & Graduate Lecturer, Northeastern University

“Alex is very thorough, and works diligently to accomplish her tasks and goals. She has great attention to details, manages her times well, and is very approachable when more information is needed about anything she is working on. Alex can convey complex technical issues in a simplified manner for novice users, which I have seen her do with patience. She can manage multiple projects and deadlines simultaneously, while still having an eye on new issues that may show up.”
—Bret Kulakovich; Lab Operations Manager; Emerson College

“Alex is able to combine her in-depth knowledge of writing, editing, publishing, researching, psychology and progressive politics together to synthesize a point of view which is both engaging and astoundingly accurate: not an easy balance to attain. Her enthusiasm, superlative skill set and passion for helping others makes Alex an asset to any team. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
—Noel Benford; Professional Audio & Video Editor, Engineer, & Producer

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